York – UK Collaborators Meeting July 2nd, 2015 / Useful Tips for participants allocated to the RT-CGM Group

We would like to thank the collaborators who attended the UK collaborators meeting in York, UK. It was a real pleasure to meet you all and hope you found the meeting valuable. The following are some useful tips gathered from the meeting:
For better results in patients allocated to the RT-CGM group, during the first 2 weeks of wearing the device, we recommend sites do the following:
  1. Encourage women to calibrate during steady state glucose – this is key to good sensor readings
  2. Turn off all alarms – these can be added later when the participant is more familiar with the sensor
  3. Avoid 1-hour post meal corrections  - encourage the participant to re-evaluate why post-meal glucose is above target and only correct if the BG is still high at 2 hours
  4. Always check finger stick BG before giving insulin
Here is a picture of the attendees. Thanks for coming!
Click here to see our latest recruitment table: CONCEPTT Recruitment_July_30_201515
We hope you all are enjoying the summer and thanks for your continuing support!
Best regards,


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