Useful Tips for our CONCEPTT Collaborators

Dear CONCEPTT Collaborators,

Please see some useful tips for our CONCEPTT trial:

  • When assessing eligibility based on our new amended protocol, only the first HbA1c in pregnancy should be used (i.e. if the first HbA1c in pregnancy is 6.3% and a later sample is 7.0%, the patient is not eligible)
  • If an ultrasound is not available at run-in and the patient’s LMP is within 12 + 6 gestational weeks, the run-in can be started; however, an ultrasound needs to be completed prior to randomization.
  • If permitted by your local ethics board, please continue advertising the trial in the pre-pregnant clinics even though the pre-pregnant cohort is complete

The Webcast in total is about 2 hours in length, but if time is an issue, we recommend you to view the first two: Enhanced Enlite (22 min) and Enhanced Enlite: Tips and Tricks (29 min)

Click here to see our latest recruitment table: CONCEPTT Recruitment_Aug_17_2015

Thanks for your continuing support!

Best regards,


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