Tips from the Canadian Collaborators’ Meeting in November

We hope that this meeting was educational and beneficial for all those who attended! It was a pleasure meeting you again! We wish you all the best with recruitment and hope to finish the trial very soon!

Recruitment tips:

1.     Remind colleagues that the trial is still going by announcing the extension of the recruitment timeline.

2.     Include research updates at Obstetrical and Endocrinology meetings

3.     Present at LMC rounds

Trial Conduct tips:

1.     Collect study blood tests at run-in visit if randomization visit time is limited.

2.     Coordinate with hospital staff and in-service personnel for after hours collection of c-peptide at delivery

3.     Cord blood gases at delivery – if both arterial and venous are reported; please enter arterial value in data form.

4.     For Protocol Deviations – do not report study visits outside the visit window. This information will be captured on the data forms as a query flag.

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