Dear Collaborators,

Below are some tips for participants randomized to the RT-CGM group:

a)      At each study/prenatal visit the RT-CGM group will have their CGM downloaded so that the Jaeb Center can review the data collected. Please, ensure that you have notified the Jaeb Center of all upcoming visits with CGM downloads’ via email at In the email, state the participant ID number, and the date and time of the visit.

b)      Please ensure that all participants in the RT-CGM group are using the assigned username and password for the Carelink Personal webpage. This information is sent to you from the CONCEPTT team, the day after each participant is randomized.

c)       Please remind all RT-CGM participants to use the Carelink Personal website for all data downloads and not the Carelink Pro program. Please do not give the patient the username and password for the Carelink Personal account. This is only to be used by the site.  This username and password should not be changed and is unique to each RT-CGM patient throughout their participation in the CONCEPTT trial.

d)      Remember to refer to the CONCEPTT Study Binder, Manual of Procedures, Chapter 10, for additional instructions.

Thank you for your continuing support!


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