Temperature Logs

The blood samples that are collected at study visits are to be stored at -80OC temperatures in a temperature monitored freezer. It is preferred that the temperature of the freezer is monitored by a digital monitor. If the digital monitor has a printable report, the report must be filed and can be used to complete the CONCEPTT Temperature Log.

Example of digital temperature monitor.

The temperature log is to be used to track the temperature of the freezer. The maximum range for the freezers is -75 OC to -90 OC. If the temperature of the freezer that stores the blood samples goes below -75 OC or above -90OC the Coordinating Centre is to be notified. The coordinating centre will then provide instructions on how to handle the affected blood samples. The temperature logs are to be submitted to the CONCEPTT Coordinating Centre bi-annually for review.

This information has been updated in the manual of procedures.

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