TBS: Completing the Clinical Neurodevelopmental Assessment

For any children that are outside of the ASQ window or have an ASQ score below the cut-off, please arrange for a physical examination and neurodevelopmental assessment for the baby and complete the Clinical Neurodevelopmental Assessment (CNA) form.

The neurodevelopmental assessment should be completed by a professional who is trained to follow the development of children.  Ideally, the children should be brought to your centre to complete the Clinical Neurodevelopmental Assessment (CNA) Form.

However, in some instances where it is not possible for the children to be seen at your centre, you may follow these steps:

1) Obtain permission from the mother/father to contact the child’s paediatrician or other healthcare professional

2) Contact the paediatrician and send the Clinical Neurodevelopmental Assessment form to be completed and returned to you.

As a last resort, you may complete the form by speaking directly with the child’s paediatrician or specialist or if the person conducting the interview is a clinician then they may talk to the mother/father over the phone.  Please ensure the information recorded can be confirmed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TBS team.

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