Retention Strategies from Dr. Jill Hamilton and the team at SickKids Hospital

Thank you to all who were able to participate in our last Progress Teleconference.  Below are a few helpful tips presented by Dr. Jill Hamilton, Katherine Hamilton, and Michele Strom:

  • Build a rapport at recruitment: part of what keeps our participants in the study is consistent staff who are friendly and who they can trust!
  • At introduction of the study, utilize visual aids (timelines, graphs) to present the study timeline and commitment, and explain study visits. Make commitment manageable.
  • Mention the benefits of participation: extra care; track growth and milestones through reports which can be given to parents
  • Maintain communication log to keep track of communication and note patterns (i.e. when parent on holidays, etc.); this will also show parents that you are considering their schedules
  • Book next appointments at time of a study visit

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