Repeating Questions on Case Report Forms

The MiTy Kids Case Report Forms (CRFs) contain many repeating questions throughout the follow-up period for our MiTy Kids participants.  In order to increase efficiency when completing the CRFs, we have created a Log Sheet for recording Repeating Questions. This worksheet will prevent multiple/varying answers to the same questions across forms.

 For example, the following question is asked on multiple forms:

6 Month Form:



 12 Month Form:


Log Sheet for Repeating Questions:


Click image to access form.

If the parent/guardian replied YES to any of question, please use the information provided as the response for subsequent study visits. Please note that there is no need to ask this question again at future visits. This worksheet should prevent multiple/varying answers to the same questions across forms and reduce discrepancies in answers between forms.

This is an optional tool for your use in the MiTy Kids study.


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