Reminder to Mark eCRFs as ‘Complete’

Data entry for a particular eCRF is not considered “Complete” until you change the status in the form.  Until the status of the eCRF is “Complete,” it will continue to be included in your Overdue Data Report, and will not be included in your quarterly payments.

As a reminder, to mark an eCRF as “Complete,” please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Ensure you have accessed the eCRF through the ‘Edit’ function
  2. At the end of the eCRF, click the box titled “Mark CRF Complete”
  3. Click on the “Save” button to update the status.

Once all eCRFs for that subject have been marked as “Complete,” please remind the site investigator to sign off on the casebook using their username and password.  For guidance regarding signing off on a casebook, please review our blog post titled, “Reminder to Sign Off Completed Subject Data in OpenClinica”, or refer to the Manual of Procedures section 10-21.


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