Recruitment tips from Dr. Feig: what to do when a potential recruit does not want to stop her metformin


If a potential recruit is already taking metformin, and is hesitant to stop, Dr. Feig’s site provides the following tips:


  •    Inform the patient that standard of care is to taper off the metformin and add insulin.
  •  Clarify that many studies have shown that metformin is safe to use in pregnancy and that it may be beneficial to add to insulin, but we don’t know for sure.
  • If the patient says her doctor wanted her to stay on metformin, explain that it is likely the physician also thinks metformin will be beneficial, but we need to see for sure in a study.
  • Discuss the study with her primary physician and obstetrician so everyone is on side.
  • We also tell the potential recruits that most of our patients have really enjoyed being in the study and hopefully the results will help them in their next pregnancy.


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