Recruitment Collaborators Meeting in Berlin – April 16th, 2015

Dear CONCEPTT Collaborators,

We would like to thank the collaborators who attended the Recruitment Collaborators Meeting in Berlin on April 16th, 2015!

(From left to right: Johanna Sanchez, Katrina Ruedy, Helen Murphy, Sandra Neoh, Zoe Stewart, Elizabeth Asztalos, Arianne Godbout, Denice Feig, Kate Hunt, Eleanor Scott, Olivia Lou, Marlon Pragnell, Matteo Bonomo, Adriana Rodriguez, Basilio Pintaudi)

Summary of Recruitment Strategies Discussed

1.)    The CONCEPTT Coordinating Centre will conduct several site visits within the UK. The purpose of these site visits is to discuss recruitment strategies and challenges, experiences in the trial, and answer any questions related to protocol procedures, devices issues and/or data.

2.)    Presentation of the CONCEPTT trial at Medical Rounds at Canadian sites.  The objective is to promote and engage clinical site staff, to encourage the referral of potential participants, and to improve communications between the obstetrics and endocrinology teams.

1.)    Quarterly Certificates of acknowledgment for those sites who achieved outstanding recruitment and performance:

  • Highest Recruiter
  • Most Improved Site
  • Most Consistent Site

4.)    Local promotion of the trial by increasing the number of CONCEPTT Posters and Brochures in the patients’ waiting areas.

5.)    Distribution of JDRF website publications with CONCEPTT stories of success by the Coordinating Team. Please see the last publication where CONCEPTT was featured in the Canadian newspaper the Globe & Mail:

6.)    Encourage participation in the monthly teleconferences to discuss trial related issues and, share other sites challenges and experiences.

7.)    Recruitment countdown emails.  Every 50 participants recruited will represent a milestone.  We just reached our 100 recruits milestone!

Recommendations and Ideas from Site Experiences:

8.)    A successful strategy from Dr. Kate Hunt – King’s College – UK for participants allocated to the RT-CGM group where initial adjustments to the device becomes difficult: “if a participant seems hesitant to continue wearing the device and/or is considering withdrawing from the study, try to stop the device TEMPORARILY and then give the participant another chance.

Any suggestion or ideas to enhance recruitment for CONCEPTT are welcome.  Please feel free to share!

Thank you again for your continuing support and hard work.

Kindest regards,


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