Quarter 3 Blood Pressure Treatment Report Results

The 2012 Quarter 3 Blood Pressure Treatment Reports were distributed to all site primary contacts on October 25th.  

This latest report shows that, overall, we have achieved a mean difference in diastolic blood pressure (dBP) that is now 6mmHg HIGHER in the ‘LESS TIGHT’ group compared with the ‘TIGHT’ group.  This is up 0.5mmHg since our last quarterly report and is a full 1mmHg higher than our minimum target!

With the last CHIPS patient due to deliver in January 2013, we have 3 months in which we can continue to improve upon the level of differential dBP control between the two groups. 

We encourage all centres with active CHIPS women to do their very best to ensure that the dBPs for these final women are kept WITHIN the target ‘no change’ range for their allocated group.

When adjustments to antihypertensive medications are required, encourage care providers to consider bringing the woman back to their office for follow-up sooner (within a day to a week) in order to determine if this adjustment has had the desired effect, and to make further changes if required.