In 1988, Dr. Mary Hannah proposed the development of a perinatal research program. The program was funded in 1990 and designated as the University of Toronto Perinatal Clinical Epidemiology Unit (PCEU) at Women’s College Hospital. The TermPROM study was the first international multicentre randomized controlled trial coordinated by PCEU.

In 1995, PCEU became the first component of The Centre for Research in Women’s Health; its name was changed to the Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Research Unit (MIRU) and then later to The Centre for Mother, Infant, and Child Research (CMICR).

Over the next 12 years, CMICR successfully completed other international multicentre trials, including the Term Breech Trial, the MACS trial and the ECV Trial, while supporting a variety of smaller studies and providing consultation to local colleagues and research training to students.

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