MiTy Kids Reminder

We would like to remind our collaborators of the importance of the MiTy Kids follow-up study. The MiTy trial forms a unique cohort of women and infants that allows us to answer critical questions regarding diabetes in pregnancy AND the long term potential benefits (and potential risks) to offspring of diabetic mothers who are treated with metformin. Because of this, we ask that you please try your best to obtain the consent to transfer contact information (CTCI) from our MiTy participants for the MiTy Kids study so that we can answer these important questions.

We recommend that you approach MiTy mothers regarding the MiTy Kids study during their prenatal visits, and if possible, obtain the CTCI during this time. This is a simpler process than having to contact participants after they have completed the MiTy trial.

Contacting Participants

  1. Inform and discuss with the parent/guardian the requirements of the follow-up visits (i.e. types of measurements, nutritional & health related questions).
  2. Remember that parents/guardians may be hesitant to have their child’s blood drawn; therefore, inform them that blood work is optional.
  3. Offer (if feasible) to visit the participant’s home to conduct the follow-up visits.
  4. If the site coordinator has been unsuccessful in consenting the participant, the site investigator should communicate with the participant directly.

Authorization to Release Personal Health Information (PHI)

  1. If the parent/guardian is still not willing to participate in the study, ask for their authorization to release PHI from the child’s primary health care provider, and have the guardian sign the form. This form will allow you to obtain height and weight measurements, which will contribute to the primary outcome of the study.
  2. If participant agrees to sign the consent form, have them also sign the authorization to release PHI form. This will allow you to obtain height and weight measurements in case the participant is unable to attend a visit or has a visit outside of the visit window.


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