Introducing the Site of the Quarter Awards!

In recognition of the hard work required for successful recruitment, we are excited to announce the “Site of the Quarter” awards. The categories are:

Top Recruiting Site: The winner in this category demonstrated the ability to recruit the highest number of patients in the last quarter.

Most Consistent Recruiting Site: The winner in this category successfully maintained a
recruitment rate of at least one patient per month and was the most consistent recruiter throughout the last quarter.

Most Improved Recruiting Site: The winner in this category improved their recruitment significantly during the last quarter.

The winners for Quarter 4, 2013 are:

Top Recruiting Site: Hopital St-Luc, Montreal

Most Consistent Recruiting Site: St. Boniface General Hospital, Winnipeg

Most Improved Recruiting Site: The Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa

Congratulations to our winners from Quarter 4, 2013!  We asked each team to provide us with a quote to share with the rest of the MiTy teams:

From Hopital St-Luc, Montreal:

MiTy Team-CHUM_Montreal

“Together for the improvement of diabetes care during pregnancy;
Together for women’s health and MiTy success.”

From St Boniface General Hospital:

“We work as a team to maintain a high profile with all our potential referring care providers, obstetricians, midwives, nurse practitioners etc. At this time, we are quite well-known to the obstetrical community at large.”

From Ottawa General Hospital:

“Thank you for the recognition of our recruitment efforts! It has definitely been a team effort and we couldn’t have done it without the enthusiastic cooperation of everyone involved in the study at the Ottawa Hospital as well as the support from the MiTy Coordinating Centre.  We’re excited to be part of MiTy and will keep the momentum going.”

Let’s keep our enthusiasm high and aim to reach 500 recruits by the end of the year!


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