Introducing the Mity Kids Study to MiTy Participants

Dear MiTy and MiTy Kids Collaborators,

Cooperation between MiTy and MiTy Kids study teams is crucial to ensure follow-up of as many children as possible! Here are a few reminders and tips on introducing the MiTy Kids study to MiTy participants.

  1. Early introduction to the MiTy Kids study is important! If possible, obtain the Consent to Transfer Contact Information* at a MiTy study visit to decrease the likelihood of losing contact with the participant.
  2. Participation in the MiTy Kids study should be offered to all eligible MiTy subjects, even if they discontinued study medication or withdrew from participating in the MiTy trial.  Only MiTy subjects with offspring that have major congenital anomalies are excluded from the MiTy Kids study.
  3. Explain and demonstrate the MiTy Kids study procedures to MiTy participants. The MiTy Neonatal visit is a great opportunity to show the mother the neonatal anthropometric measurement process, which is also a component of the MiTy Kids study.

*Applicable only to different MiTy and MiTy Kids study teams

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