EMPOWER Patient Diary

Greetings EMPOWER Collaborators,

The EMPOWER Patient Diary is a very important study tool as it is used to collect our primary outcome data. Here are some helpful strategies to ensure the Patient Diaries are accurate and complete.


Before giving the Patient Diary to a new recruit

  • Complete the diary Contact Information page
  • Fill out the Study Subject ID box in the top corner of every page
  • Go through the Patient Diary Instructions page with the participant
  • Instruct the participant to write in dark coloured ink

During the Study Medication Period

Review the diary with the participant to ensure:

  • Diary entries are legible
  • Mother is pumping at least 6-8 times per day
  • Study medication is taken 3 times a day and logged at the bottom of each page
  • Test weights have been recorded for breastfeeding attempts (if no breast milk was transferred to the infant, instruct the participant to write 0 mL beside the documented attempt)


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