Data Forms Tutorial: Completing the PPQ

Data Forms Tutorial: Completing the Postpartum Questionnaire when you are unable to reach the patient

The Postpartum Questionnaire (PPQ) captures information regarding the health of the mother and the baby until 6 weeks after delivery, or until the baby is 28 days old or is first discharged home from hospital (whichever is later).clipart questionnaire

Completing this questionnaire is important to ensure that we do not miss any of the CHIPS primary and secondary outcomes.


mailWe ask that you please make all reasonable attempts to contact each woman in order to complete the Postpartum Questionnaire. If you are unable to reach her in person or by telephone, please also try emailing her or sending a letter by post.


  • If multiple attempts to make contact with a woman are unsuccessful, and it has been determined that she will not be reached, the Data Co-ordinating Centre will accept Postpartum Questionnaires completed using information obtained from the woman’s primary maternity care provider; this is the care provider or clinic where she would have been seen for her routine postpartum follow-up.
  • Sometimes sites will be queried to ensure that the PPQ was not completed using hospital records alone, as the information should come from (or be verified with) the primary care provider. This allows us to ensure that we have not missed any potential outcomes that may have occurred following hospital discharge, or that may have been treated at a hospital different from where the woman delivered.
  • You can avoid being queried by writing a note on the Postpartum Questionnaire confirming that it was completed (or verified) using primary care provider records.
  • Additionally, if completing the PPQ using information obtained from the primary maternity care provider, only sections B2, C, and E are required.

Please contact the DCC directly at should you have any questions
about completing or sending the CHIPS data forms.

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