Data Campaign: Lessons Learned

Thank you to all for working so diligently to resolve your data queries.  In order to help you clean your data as efficiently as possible, we would like to make you aware of a few recurring trends that are common across multiple sites:

Completing Changes in the Form

Please remember to make any necessary corrections directly in the space provided within the data form, and change the status of your discrepancy note to Updated.  Revisions that are made within the discrepancy note alone will not be registered at the time of analysis.

Saving Data

When adding, removing, or revising your data, please ensure the Save button appears at the top or bottom of the data form. If you do not see the Save button, the data you add, remove, or revise during that session will not be saved.  If you do not see the Save button, please re-enter the form using the Edit icon (   or     ).

Responding Within the Discrepancy Notes

When responding to queries, please respond by using the Update button to continue the chain of correspondence within the same note. Please do not create a new note.  As a reminder, you can assign the note back to a member of the MiTy team if you have further questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.  To assign the note back, select a name from the drop down box beside Assign to User and then select Submit

As a reminder, you will be paid an additional $25 per eligible patient for resolving all queries generated as a result of the data transfer conducted last year.  This payment applies to transferred patients only, and eligible forms have been outlined in the tables emailed to all sites in March.

We hope these tips will be useful to you as we work together to get the most accurate data possible!

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