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The Data Co-ordinating Centre is working on the next set of queries for all forms received to date, and you will be receiving these in your inbox in the next two weeks. Data queries are generated when there are incomplete answers, out-of-range data, and inconsistencies in the data. Outstanding queries from the second interim analysis will be included, as well as queries from cases recruited after the second interim analysis. Please help us by resolving these by the specified due date.

Here is a friendly reminder on how to respond to data queries:

1) Responses to data queries should be returned to the Data Co-ordinating Centre (DCC) by completing the response column in the CHIPS Query Table (with initial and date). Copies of revised data forms may be requested if further clarifications are required.
(Please note that all changes to the data forms also require revisions on local copies, with initial and date)
2) Confirmation of data values requires entering the actual value on the CHIPS Query Table, rather than indicating ‘confirmed’.
3) Actual answers are required to be entered in the CHIPS Query Table for missing answers, unless a copy of the revised data form is provided. Please note a response ‘done’ on the Query Table is insufficient.
4) In the event that further documentation is NOT available upon request, please provide an explanation.
5) Data queries may be sent back if they require further clarifications, or if they were resolved inadequately. These queries will remain on the Query Table as ‘unresolved’.

We request that completed Data Query Tables be emailed to the DCC at or faxed to 1-416-480-5633, and mailed as a last resort. This will allow us to review query responses and request any further clarifications in a more timely fashion.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and contributions to the CHIPS Trial! Please don’t hesitate to contact the DCC if you require assistance in completing the CHIPS Data Query Table.



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