CGM Downloads

For subjects randomized to the RT-CGM group:

Example of download reading from an Enlite Sensor

1. Remember to notify the Jaeb Center via email at prior to each study visit so that they know when the data will be downloaded. In your email, state the Subject ID number, and the date and time of the visit.

2. Download the CGM at each study visit for the Jaeb Center to retrieve the information.

3. Ensure that for all subjects in the RT-CGM group, you are using their assigned username and password for their Carelink Personal account. This information is sent to the site from the CONCEPTT Team the day after randomization. Please do not give this information to subjects as it is only to be used by the site. The assigned username and password should not be changed and is unique to each RT-CGM subject in the CONCEPTT trial.

Refer to Chapter 10 in the Manual of Procedures section of the CONCEPTT Study Manual, for instructions.

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