Canadian Diabetes Association Meeting- Thank you!

Thank you to all who attended the MiTy/MiTy Kids/Conceptt luncheon at the CDA. At the meeting, sites exchanged information and shared experiences that may help improve the overall recruitment for the MiTy trial. We are pleased that our sites are working together and trying to find solutions for each site’s challenges.

Some take home notes from the meeting:
• If your site in involved in the FACT Trial, speak to your Obstetricians at your centre to facilitate recruitment for both trials.
• Distribute the “Letter to Physicians” and supporting document to referring family physicians, especially those who are recommending patients discontinue metformin upon pregnancy.
• Increase awareness of trial with all staff in the Endocrinology department. Non trial staff such as clinic nurses and secretaries can assist in identifying or flagging potential study participants.

Dr. Denice Feig is eager to assist sites in boosting recruitment. If you would like Dr. Feig to do Rounds or speak at your site to increase awareness for the trial, please email us at and let us know!

Thank you again for your excellent work and best of luck with your recruitment!

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