Monthly Archives: March 2017

Recruitment tips from Dr. Feig: what to do when a potential recruit does not want to stop her metformin

  If a potential recruit is already taking metformin, and is hesitant to stop, Dr. Feig’s site provides the following tips:      Inform the patient that standard of care is to taper off the metformin and add insulin.  Clarify that many studies have shown that metformin is safe to use in pregnancy and that […]

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Fast food and juice consumption: what to do if it is less than available options

The 12, 18 and 24 month visit forms include questions regarding fast food and juice consumption: Does the child eat “fast foods”? (Examples – pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fish sticks, French fries) → If yes, how many times a week does the child eat “fast foods”? Once a week 2 times a week […]

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