Monthly Archives: April 2016

Helpful Hints to Ensure Data Quality

Dear CONCEPTT Collaborators, As the CONCEPTT Recruitment Phase has successfully been completed, we ask all CONCEPTT collaborators to now focus on data quality.  For this purpose, the CONCEPTT Coordinating Centre is planning to perform site monitoring visits to selected sites in the UK, Italy and Canada in the next few months starting in May. In […]

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How to proceed if you cannot complete a question

If you are not able to obtain an answer for a question, leave the answer blank and create a discrepancy note with an explanation that the answer could not be obtained. Please do not answer the questions as ‘no’. Remember to hit ‘save’ when the case report form has been completed.

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Reminder: Responding Within the Discrepancy Note

As a reminder, when responding to queries, please respond by using the Update button to continue the chain of correspondence within the same note. Please do not create a new note. Correct:   Incorrect:

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