Monthly Archives: June 2015

Congratulations to the Awarded CONCEPTT sites!

Dear CONCEPTT Collaborators, We are delighted to present the following awarded sites for their excellent performance in the Pre-pregnant Cohort! The Higher CONCEPTT recruiters of the Pre-Pregnant Cohort: Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Dr Helen Murphy: 33 pre-pregnant recruits King’s College Hospital – Dr Kate Hunt: 18 pre-pregnant recruits Alberta Health Science – Dr Lois Donovan: 16 […]

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Data Cleaning Payment

Thank you to all for your continued support as we work towards resolving the data transfer queries. As a reminder, you will receive an additional payment of $25 per completed transferred subject. Please note that a subject is considered complete when all data has been entered and/or all queries have been resolved. You can refer […]

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Study Medication and The Study Medication Accountability Log

Any study medication (SM) being used in clinical research must be strictly and completely accounted for to ensure participant compliance and trial data integrity.  Study Medication accountability includes keeping records of: the receipt and inventory of the drug, storage of drugs, temperature monitoring, dispensing of drugs, and return or disposal of the drugs. The storage of the SM should […]

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