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Congratulations: 200 total CONCEPTT recruits!

We have reached 200 recruits !!!

We have reached 200 total CONCEPTT recruits!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the CONCEPTT trial. We now have 90 pregnant and 110 pre-pregnant (cohort recruitment completed) women recruited! As you all know, the Pre-Pregnant cohort was completed this month! Thank you to all of our sites for your outstanding contribution […]

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Video Tutorial: Responding to Queries

Watch the short video below to see how to respond to queries! Remember to: 1. Select ‘update’ to respond to the discrepancy note, 2. Revise the data within the form (if applicable) and press save! *Please be aware that when you revise data in an eCRF that has been previously signed off by the QI, […]

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Are you using the current versions of the data forms?

When entering data into OpenClinica, please ensure you enter data into the default current version of each data form. Please do not select older versions from the drop down menu.  

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EMPOWER eCRF Modifications

In order to assist you with accurate completion of the eCRFs, we have updated our data forms to highlight specific items that require your attention. For example: Please note: The modifications are limited to aesthetics; we have not revised, removed, or added any  questions. Are you using the most updated version of the form? Data Form […]

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Responding Within the Discrepancy Note

When responding to queries, please respond by using the Update button to continue the chain of correspondence within the same note. Please do not create a new note. Correct: Incorrect:

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Delivery Visit Tips

picture of baby

As a reminder, we’d like to let the sites know that we are collecting pill count data, glucometer data, and patient cord blood at delivery. If coordinators could please advise patients to bring the following on their delivery visit, it would be great! – Cord Blood Kit       – Pill Bottle 4           – Glucometer         

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24 Month Follow-up Visit

We would like to remind everyone that it is very important that we get in contact with all participants to complete their 24 month visit, as the information in the 24 month visit form will contribute to our primary outcome. Please continue to try and book the 24 month follow-up even if the participant is […]

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